How Do I Go About Getting My Real Estate License in California?

Real estate can be a very lucrative business to get into, and it definitely has a huge upside if it is the career you choose to launch yourself into – the demand for real estate is never going to go away. People will always need somewhere to live, and when someone wants to look for a place to buy, who better to be there to show off the home and pick up the commission than yourself?

If you want to know how you can go about getting your own California Real Estate License, learn all about the process and how it works so you can go into it prepared.

California Real Estate License

1. Make sure you meet the qualification requirements.

There are a few requirements you will have to meet before you will be able to qualify to get your real estate license in the state of California. You must be 18 years or older, you must be a legal resident in California, and you must also disclose any criminal history you might have.

The requirements are easy enough to understand, but what kind of education do you need?

2. Get your pre-license education under your belt.

You will have to undergo at least 45 hours of Real Estate Principles, 45 hours of Real Estate Practice, and another 45 hours in one elective course chosen by you, so long as it is approved by California’s state Department of Real Estate.

This is a total of 135 hours of total pre-licensing education before you can take your test.

3. Take and pass the California real estate exam.

Next, you must apply for and pass the California Salesperson state licensing test. This is a test consisting of 150 multiple-choice questions, and you will have to get at least 70% or higher in order to pass your exam.

A Future in Real Estate

As you can see, it is fairly straightforward to go about getting your real estate license in California. Hopefully, you will pass your exam with flying colors and set yourself up for a future of success in real estate, helping folks find homes in the beautiful state of California.